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    Electron cloud vs. Nucleus

    Hi, I had a previous post "Total Energies" asking about the total energy of an electron and proton separately in a "stable," ground state, hydrogen atom and I got no response (well one short one). Later I realized an isolated hydrogen atom is not stable; it at least needs to bond into H2, but...
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    Total energies

    I wanted to know the average total energies of an isolated hydrogen atom's electron and proton separately. I came across a lot of equations I could try to use, but I figured I'd ask to see if this information has already been approximated. Thanks
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    What's left?

    The ultimate goal of physics is to be able to describe all physical phenomena under one solid structure. To have a single way to express everything, and to many that lies in an equation somewhere. We seek a unified field theory. We have been able to successfully quantify much of what we observe...
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    Is there any other form of energy releasing fusion besides hydrogen

    Is there any other form of energy releasing fusion besides hydrogen fusion?
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    Thermal output of earth

    Is the thermal output, or rather electromagnetic output, of the earth's core relatively constant? and if so, how does it compare to the output of other interstellar cores, say like mercury or the sun?
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    Ever-present vacuum

    If light travels at constant velocity c in vacuum and constantly relative to any inertial reference body, then does that not mean all bodies and space are perforated, or rather filled in, with vacuum within which light can travel?
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    Constant velocity of heat?

    Since heat is a form of electromagnetic radiation, does it travel at the constant velocity of light?
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    Constancy of light? Why the fuss?

    Sorry for length. On what grounds are physicists standing when they demand a constant velocity of light? Or even, on what grounds are others trying to disprove special relativity? 400 years ago it was universally believed that light traveled instantaneously, with infinite velocity. This...