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    Valence electron

    every atom does have a valence shell but some are stable gases. careful with the numbers. try using a periodic table to ensure your answer and rmb 1cm3 is 1cm x 1cm x 1cm. dont just x3 it. many people make these mistakes
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    Titration problem

    Oh i see im really very sorry but i cannot help you in any other way. if you see my blog or profile you will know what i i cant help you SORRY oh and you wrote wrong it is HAVENT
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    Chemistry- Forming Compounds

    combine the elements to a compound then! eg: C for carbon and o2 for oxygen combine them and you get Co2 carbon dioxide! easy, as long as you know the compounds and their symbols
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    Titration problem

    i dont know much of titration but i do know an equation that may help you. to solve for a Henderson-Hasselbalch equation: pH=pKa+log(base/acid) (fraction) maybe you can go study a little more on the subject. it will also help if you show us your own attempts to the questions. (visit my blog!)