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    Effects on brain from?

    Well it depends exactly which effect you are trying to mimic. My guess is try to make yourself calm and relaxed. Then try to envision in your mind what you are trying to visualise. I think this may improve with practice. Oftentimes it seems that drugs are able to make us do things by cutting...
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    Effects on brain from?

    Through meditation, perhaps as such one would receive in a sensory deprivation tank, one should be able to gain the good effect, as from hashish without the side effects. (without the rush of instantaneous weirdness, sorry if you like that part:)) That is, I would more highly recommend playing...
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    Consuming Ox-tails.

    Probably not from what I've read. Just avoid ground beef and by all means calf or cow brains.
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    Laughing with tears, crying in happiness

    I think it is the poignacy that causes it, "tears of joy" by releasing sadness when it is finally overcome. I don't think you have disproven my assertion. Maybe people are releasing happiness when they cry from sadness. Maybe tears are caused whenever a significant emotion is being switched...
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    Help treat diseases with your computer

    Thought it might be overheating. Cleaned it. Nothing. Welll ventilated area. Took off the program. No more noise. :) Not sure how such a small program running in the background would overheat my computer more that the other programs I run.
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    Laughing with tears, crying in happiness

    Maybe they are crying because of all the effort and pain that went into bringing them such an honor? Like they can stop being tough and finally cry because they have achieved the pinnacle of their goal?
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    Help treat diseases with your computer

    Find-a-drug I installed "find a drug" on my computer and it made an ambulance sound every 10 minutes or so. Long and loud! Horrible! Gave no clue that it was the program causing it! No visible way to stop it!
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    Good books about herbs

    There is a wonderful book called "Plants for People" that may get you started. Available at Amazon.
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    Medical Genetic engineering and third world medicine

    Actually, the yanomamo have been living similarly for many many years and are only affected badly by having their living grounds being deforested by south american countries as far as i know. Some places in africa, central america and asia are currently being hurt by governmental pressures and...
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    Medical Genetic engineering and third world medicine

    Fine, go down to live with the yanomamo as they do and then tell me you don't want them. :) Ecological equilibrium: its just one plant, are you saying they can't grow tomatoes either? Antibiotic resistance: Are you saying we should deny people in well developed countries antibiotics? They...
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    Medical Genetic engineering and third world medicine

    I just had a lovely idea. Perhaps they could take edible plants, such as tea bushes, and genetically engineer them to make antibiotics. That way people, such as the yanomamo, could plant some of these perrenials near their campsites and chew them or make a tea when they get sick and not have...
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    Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Found?

    Thanks, I did not read it closely enough first time.
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    Extraterrestrial Lifeforms Found?

    NEWS FROM THE SPIE CONFERENCE IN DENVER, 2-3 AUG 2004: Cyanobacteria found in a meteorite: At a conference in Denver today [2 Aug 2004], NASA's Richard Hoover announced evidence of a fossilized cyanobacterial mat in the Orgueil carbonaceous meteorite. His pictures of forms in the meteorite...
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    Animals versus humans

    I'm not sure what you are describing is self-consciousness so much as mirror consciousness. I think animals are self-conscious, but many of them may not understand mirrors and how they work.
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    I feel high after playing my guitar, any explanations?

    Usually one feels high after expressing oneself in a pleasing fashion.
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    Mad cow disease prions

    As to the mechanisms for conversions of the natual protein, is it an actual conversion by the one protein to another? Could we place a significant number of the natural protein in a petri dish by itself and add a prion and they would all convert or is it a cellular function which the prion...
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    Mad cow disease prions

    In mad cow disease, perhaps the prions cause the brains naturally similar proteins to change into the new form because the new form is somehow more efficient to reproduce than the other, natural form. Perhaps it could be the path of least resistance for the brain to produce the protein in the...
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    Why are teen boys jerks?

    I also think that they are often trying to gain power and want to do it without being seen as a teachers pet. They also don't have much experience as to what gets results and what doesn't when it comes to trying to become respected. They often don't like being at the mercy of adults in the...
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    Number of atoms in a cell

    I know there are trillions of cells in an adult human body but how many atoms are in each cell?
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    Did viruses precede other life?

    Viruses How would they reproduce without a working cell to invade? My guess is that cells came before viruses and viruses are actually descended from cells that became more and more efficient at their processes until they shed most cellular function relying on their prey to reproduce for them.
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    Opinion on bio-augmentation?

    Sg-1 Actually the Asgard had Loki which acted differently than Thor and the Gua'ould had the Tok'ra who acted differently. Even the Nox had a child which was different than their elders. As to why they all speak or pick up English so efficiently, I dunno. :smile: