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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Short story There is a short story by Gardner Dozois called I believe "A Kingdom by the Sea" It talks a great deal about a slaughter houses and used to be posted on the website. It was published in 1972 I believe. Its worth a read.
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    Do we need pain?

    I'm not sure there is only pleasure or pain, one or the other. Maybe there is a middle state of mild nothingness. Pain is useful in that it keeps us away from body destroying danger. Pleasure is useful because it is like a reward for people who are sad. But mild nothingness can be a state in...
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    Do we need pain?

    This is an oft quoted statement that doesn't by any means always work. Just ask someone who has been struck by lightning and lived with years of disabling pain. It might be a nice platitude for a warrior, and it might be true some of the time. Maybe say what doesn't kill me makes me bitter. ;)
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    Should marijuana be legalized?

    Pot has a culure associated with it as well. In my part of the world, people who smoke often smoke socially and peer pressure can be great to smoke it when every person you know says hey come on its the good stuff when you go over to their house. This can mak it hard to stop. I assume this...
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    Purpose of life?

    I dont believe the purpose of life was originally to explore the universe and its mysteries but to many of us that is what it has become. :)
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    Science is used just for profit?

    Also, it seems that perhaps many "natural" i. e. non-patentable cures, simply can't afford the funding for clinical trials as little profit can be made from them to recoup costs and provide growth for investors.
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    Mind Power?

    No but like a transistor, a small amount of energy can perhaps influence a larger amount of energy already present in the environment?
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    Appearance and fascination

    We had forward facing eyes long before we were predators if, I believe, australopithecus is one of our ancestors.
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    African Demons again

    You guys may think this is funny, those silly africans and all that, but to live in fear of demons is probably a horrible thing. Especially if people are being sacrificed to them.
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    Time is precious

    Instead of saying time is precious, I would say that we are precious. Time only being precious in how it relates to potentially mortal beings.
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    My UFO encounter

    One thing I have notices among some "ufo" encounters is that three often plays a significant role. Trangular shapes or three lights flying in formation. Is there any significance to the number three that someone would often use it?
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    Science is used just for profit?

    I doubt it. There are diseases known as "orphan diseases" which are researched little because of their inability to turn a substantial profit to recoup investment and perhaps to satisfy investors. I believe malaria is one of these diseases. Also there are "orphan diseases" that affect such a...
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    My UFO encounter

    My "UFO" encounter At the request of Ivan Seeking I am describing my UFO encounter. It was not very spectacular so sorry if anyone was expecting something dramatic. :) I was taking out the trash sometime around the early eighties when I looked up at the sky and saw something like a star...
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    Mexican Air Force Pilots Videotape UFOs

    I think UFO's are possible because one day I saw three of them. I do not necessarily want them to be aliens. If they are aliens, perhaps it is good because they haven't shown themselves to be aggressive. But also, if some of these sightings are aliens, isn't anyone just the least bit scared?
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    Taboo Topic

    In my anthropology class we learned it like this. If one took one of every skin color and put it in a chart according to color, there would be an even progression of color and no definite lines between them. any line drawn would be arbitrary. I realise this is just one aspect of what is...
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    Is there a spirit world?

    But it seems to me that a shadow is not 2d when thrown by a 3d object. At any point in the shadow, not merely on a surface the shadow intersects, one will find shade.
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    Trees and flowers

    There is the garden of eden, & the various special trees and flowers in the Lord of the rings and silmarillion. There is two. I guess the world ash tree in Norse mythology might count.
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    This is if it is seen as 1 mouse life = 1 cow/ lamb life. Not only that, cow population, with careful peaceful management, will not spiral out of control due to birthrate, ease of husbandry etc, while mice breed practically like cockroaches and if all of them survived, as sad as it may be, we...
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Ethical sustainability is a lovely set of words, descriptive and succinct. Not quack words. We tell people that they cannot kill ones mother with an ax or eat ones children, it is a small leap to tell them that they shouldn't abuse other creatures as well.
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Actually, the canine teeth could have evolved for defense, to look scary to that which threatens us. I'm not sure we would have been able to catch prey and crush its throat or rip its jugular with our teeth like cats and dogs. We probably started out eating insects and eggs as any sort of...
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    I did not say generally frail, I said "some" vegetarians. Balanced meals for vegetarians are often hard to come by if not made for ones self. Sometimes perhaps leading to "frailty."
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Actually, aren't all of our hormones derived from fat in our diet?
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Vegetarianism and fats I think one reason some vegetarians are frail is that they don't get enough fats and oil in their diet. They are trying to eat food which does not sustain them out of some fat phobia developed for meat eaters, not vegetarians.
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Go Dan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    Einstein Einstein was a vegetarian and said that we would halt our progress by not progressing to a vegetarian diet. Smart fellow.
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    Tile a plane with three sided figures

    I know one can tile a plane with three sided figures, four sided figures and six sided figures if each figure is identical. Are there any other numbers that would work?
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    White men still dominating science posts

    I have had an African black anthropology professor that was hired for god knows what reason and was the most inept professor I have ever seen. I barely showed up to class because it was a joke and got an "A" I believe because the professor liked me. I'm not sure hiring professors because they...
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    Social disease

    Virus of the Mind You might like the "Virus of the Mind". Its a book about memetic diseases I think. I have only skimmed it but own it.
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    Is IQ Really a Genetic Thing?

    On idiot Actually, I believe the word idiot was originally a greek word used in ancient greece to refer to a nonprofessional person. I believe this might mean one with no skills for a profession.
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    Any ideas on the potential overpopulation of the planet?

    Any ideas on the potential overpopulation of the planet? How close are we? Solutions?