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    Any good Physics Interactive Programs out there?

    Does anyone know of a good physics interactive computer program to mess around with, and perhaps even learn something? maybe even a mathematics program as well would be cool. if you have any ideas, i'd appreciate you sharing!
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    Tennis Ball- Is this possible?

    are we forgeting our quantum mechanics here? Anything is possible because EVERYTHING is based on probablility. With the uncertainty principle, it is possible that all the atoms in the tennis ball gain sufficient energy to break the ground like that, then get rid of the engery. Thanks to quantum...
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    Does sound have gravity?

    hahaha its ok! thats what physics is all about really. It was a good idea and you seemed to give it a good, intellectual approach. It sure seemed like it for a second.
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    Does sound have gravity?

    the frequency that talks about is the wavelength of a particular photon. the frequency of that wave, not a sound wave. common misconception.
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    Does sound have gravity?

    i think the E in that equation is different. I just looked up the definition of sound in my dictionary of physics. it gave this equation, c^2= E/p where E= mediums relevant elastic constant, and P being density of the medium. C is the speed of sound. so there maybe a mix up of variables...
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    Does sound have gravity?

    yes thats exactly is. sound is not matter nor energy. sound is an interaction. therefore it wouldnt have gravity. Does this clear things up for you at all?
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    Do we know what energy is ?

    well when you think about it, energy is primarily mass. Mass is like frozen energy. It really makes you think, what exactly is energy. But when a string vibrates, it gets energy, energy converts into mass.
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    Does sound have gravity?

    well yes in a way. but the disturbance at the smallest part is molecules pushing against each other. therefore sound is primarily molecules pushing against each other. Therefore the molecules and the energy in the molecules has gravity, but not sound itself. Its hard to comprehend, this is a...
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    Why do we say motion is relative?

    It seems as if these question based answers arent helping. Motion is relative because think of a moving car. You are driving 100 mph (relative to an object at rest) on the highway, and a cop (at rest) clocks you going 100. Now if that same cop is traveling next to you at say, 80 mph, the radar...
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    Does sound have gravity?

    Not necesarrily. when you think of what sound is, it is just vibrating molecules. A disturbance of molecules. Energy, on the other hand, does have a gravitational force. Hope that helps! If you need anymore clarification just ask, im sure i could help out more.