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    Radio laser

    But will it be directional without lasers?
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    Radio laser

    Well, there goes my idea for interstellar probe communication. :)
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    Radio laser

    Are these Masers radio frequency? THought it might be easier to use a radio laser to communicate from space probes and such. a tighter beam aimed at the earth you know rather than all directions.
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    Radio laser

    Has anyone created a radio laser, if not why not if you know...
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    The Others in the Universe

    You mean entities like jellyfish in the deep ocean that use light or wholly light based entities. If the luxon theory is right, and I'm not saying it is, we are composed of light. (not trying to start a thread on luxon theory.) ;)
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    Sound and clapping

    I think it is probably more correct to say that to easily produce a sustained note one can use occillation. One can also produce a sustained note by rolling a steel clyinder across a plane for example perhaps.
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    Should positive and negative charge be termed opposites?

    Should positive and negative charge be termed opposites? Maybe they are merely complimentary and this is why they seek each other and are not opposites?
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    On space

    I find it hard to believe that "energy packets" would be a representation of nothing at all.
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    Big Bang really necessary?

    Then where would this point be? And where are we in relationship to it? It would perhaps seem a pretty simple calculation.
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    On space

    Sorry, just a vague idea that it might be so. :)
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    On space

    I think it might be interesting enough for a scifi novel. Although I hear that few people have actually thought the world was flat since the greeks discovered that it was round. :)
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    On space

    Sorry, I just think that in spite of its good points, the theory is unlikely. I'm just not sure I believe in parallel universes occupying the same space as us.
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    On space

    Sorry, I couldn't help it. :) I am not wise enough to be completely dismissive, but something doesn't feel right in spite of its symmetry. I would be happy to be proved wrong.
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    On space

    Yes, perhaps in a nutshell. :) No disrespect intended.
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    On space

    Maybe it doesn't increase in energy, just the geometry of space changes giving rise to an appearance of change in energy?
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    On space

    Could the decrease in volume be gravity?
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    On space

    But what if time is merely change in space? No absolute "time" independent of the change in space? Something without change is timeless?
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    Entropy of photons

    What is the difference between an object and a system in your opinion?
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    On space

    Perhaps space doesn't exist apart from matter and energy? I. e. matter and energy aren't in space, matter and energy are space? Maybe silly I know.
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    What is Called Space?

    space Its the relation of some stuff to other stuff. Or is it stuff in its own right?
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    Sonoluminescence - The Key To Faster Than Light Travel?

    neutron star? Why would a neutron star, using the above stated theory of gravity, have such a strong magnetic field if it is only able to block a few kilometers worth of this vacuum pressure?
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    Mass and curved space

    if mass curves the space around it is mass perhaps curved space itself?
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    Give use your best perpetual motion device ideas!

    Is a planet orbiting in a perfect non decaying orbit around a black hole a perpetual motion machine? Or perhaps an electron orbiting an proton in a vacuum a perpetual motion machine? (End of the universe defining the limits on perpetual if there is such a thing.)
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    Total Momentum of the Universe

    Could not also the total velocities cancel out? I.e. for every galaxy heading in one direction at x speed, there is an equal and opposite galaxy traveling at -x speed. I'm not an expert on physics though. :smile:
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    Light and energy

    size of photons I assumed, perhaps in error, that in its particle state a photon would occupy a region of space of relatively regular dimension for all photons. If you think I'm an idiot, I'm only a student of physics not a master you know so asking me instead of someone else seems to...
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    Recursive function in a physics equation

    fractals Aren't fractals recursive?
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    Physics starts with Archimedes!

    Pi Don't forget he was the most accurate developer of Pi at the time either! :smile:
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    Expansion Greater than Light Speed?

    an idea Perhaps space cannot expand at greater than the speed of light, but if we take an arbitrary bit of space, say one cubic centimeter, and have it and all the cubic cetimeters adjacent to it expand in each axis at the speed of light, then each side of the cubic centimeter will expand at...
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    Light and energy

    How can a photon carry differing amounts of energy if it is the same size and speed as all other photons? Does this make any sese to anybody?
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    Psychology and physics

    astralprojection You might want to look into the govenments "Stargate" program and remote viewing.