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    Problems about Projectile Motion

    hmm..projectile motion... i advise you to learna and master the basics of the subject first before trying to do the questions. ok lets see if you can understand the subject than these problems should not be much of a challenge.. oh and have a calculator with you while you are trying the...
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    Lab report for superconductors

    but if u cant find it... then nvm here is some.: Explanation The Meissner effect effectively tells us that in a weak applied field, a superconductor expels all magnetic flux. Although the magnetic field is completely expelled from the interior of the superconductor, there is not a sharp...
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    Lab report for superconductors

    hey i dony know of any books on superconductors but i sure do have some info on the meissner effect! cheak out my blog (the one on the left side) i have the info there