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    Why shouldn't we only drink/inject food?

    yea yea it is a whole process and all. all in all people prefer what they have now and i dont think an of us want to go through the trouble to change in the drastic way. (visit my blog!)
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    Why shouldn't we only drink/inject food?

    haha, that is like kinda detailed but so do you understand now skhandelwal? a werd name/... haha
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    Why is unpurified water or junk food bad?

    yup that is right and logical. you can change things to your way if u like it. you can only try. gd luck on it (visit my blog!)
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    Why shouldn't we only drink/inject food?

    yea, injecting food mayb a good solution to everyday eating. but yes, we all have a craving appetite. but do you know what our digestive system is for? BREAKING DOWN FOOD for us! if it is so easy to just inject food, we wont need the digestive system and alot of people will lose their jobs and...
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    Why is unpurified water or junk food bad?

    well it is just that we really have no control over what goes in and what goes out of our body. the food we eat go though our digestive system and the work is all done there. and NONE of our bodies are state of the art! they are all the SAME!
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    How is tearing mucles apart healthy?

    haha it is the reason they are called KIDS!
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    Define: pushing when working out

    oh that is not reaily fatigue. that is either he is just exhausted for that he is too happy. people can have there own (place) when they are to happy. they will just swap to there own 'place/dimension' and just relax and maybe collaspe. no it is not fatigue though
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    Focusing hearing

    most of the time mechanical change is involved and in very large quantities. but the thing is by mentally focusing in a direction, you are but trying to change reality. it is said if you want to hear something, you can by being even a few metres away from it! ok i dont say that is not true but...