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    Forces on a slope

    i believe what star* says is right. im just here to tell you if you need basics for kinematics, visit my blog!
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    Tension in a String

    it would help if you cheak your textbook and tells us what you (visit my blog!)
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    Box hung over pulley at an angle?

    hmm i rather think the equatioon as toa cah soh haha. yea blackwyvern is rigth. that is the way to solve the Q (visit my blog!)
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    Need Help on Acceleration Problem!

    i'll try this Q...nah, cant get the ans, it is too hard sry cuz i oso g 1239.06g
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    Friction Question no professional in this topic but maybe you can give us some of you attempt to the questions first?
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    What is the physical interpretation of enthalpy and entropy?

    i have informayion on it! come and visit my blog and you will see half a page of it! Thermodynamics but im not that sure if it will help because i posted the info on differnt types of it. ok , i'll try to help you research on the questions you asked.
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    Awesome pulley problem

    hey, isn't there things like photoshop and paint? they are good programs that can help you to edit your pictures. try them! =)
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    Electricity and Magnetism- Energy sources and power stations

    Sorry Oh im very sorry. i did not know about the sms language thing. sorry. ok i'll try to search for some infomation about all this. and also i will like to recommend wikipedia for a start. this website has all the info that you may need for your work.
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    Electricity and Magnetism- Energy sources and power stations

    U doing a proj or smthin? haha.. go search the net. easy. if u need help then i'll b back. (mayb)