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    Education Path

    well jordan, your aims are high and these things on top are gonna be quite a problem. i suggest u go on a holiday and have fun with 'the wife' and then, AFTER HAVING HER UNDERSTAND your thrist for knowledge, go for it! oh, and about the studying on the bus and stuff, these are not gonna help...
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    When is it time to quit pursuing math?

    Yea, cool down and take a break or something. dont let maths give you headaches and just relax. take your time to get the hang of it and soon you will start enjoying maths. have fun. and good luck. (visit my blog!)
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    Too much time doing homework?

    i think it is normal. i have the same situation as you and im getting along. well, maybe is that if teachers teach, it is new to you, so we dont register it well in our minds yet. when we get down to study, we then have everthing in our minds and understand the topic well. well, i advise you to...
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    Not confident when speaking

    drink a sip of water, stand well straight, take deep breaths and look for familar faces int he crowd. keep eye contact too. that is all you need! (visit my blog!)
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    I love biology but I have a weak memory

    so just keep practising and you will get it in the end! that is the main point!
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    I love biology but I have a weak memory

    because bio is a great subject and is very fascinating. yea you may think is is hard and you are going to fail it. but come on! just do it and enjoy it! same question here y do you eat when you know you are going to pass it out?? so? just go for it!
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    Courses Learning a mathematics course better, LATER

    Whao! first time i saw a teacher reply! ea very specific and all. hmm..all logical i surpport her!:rofl: visit my blog!
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    I'm a retard

    erm..unfortunately, i cant find that 'button'..
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    Struggling in Physics

    Yup, i totally agree with him. sure you can take a few breaks in between but remember what you are doing and what you can achieve from it! GOOD LUCK!
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    I'm a retard

    Ha! well that is a good one! well professsors can be alittle off these days. =) ooh and can anyone tell me how to start a thread? ty
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    Distance Education - Linear Algebra

    Can anyone tell me how to start a thread?=)
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    Other Should I Become a Mathematician?

    huh? There is such thing as maths needed in chaos dynamics? Tell me about it