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    Clapping Hands.

    well, to me i guesss is the compression of air, maybe the moeclues. the forces applied and all make the sound when you clap your hands. Xp
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    Are white clothes better than black clothes in summer?

    i suppose white clothes ARE better in the summer time. it is more hot in summer so white clothes are useful as black ones tend to absorb more heat. And since black absorbs more heat, there will be a slight tempreture difference. (visit my blog!)
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    Supergun compared to nuclear bombs

    well what you say is true but the fact remains that the shell will lose speed in the re-entry and also gain speed. so it may or may not be the same. (visit my blog!)
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    Why does everything achieves to reach equilibrium?

    GO1 saves the day again! yea it is the same theroy
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    Why does anything that accelerates heat up?

    YES that is what im trying to say but did not reaily knew how to put it! thx GO1
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    Why does anything that accelerates heat up?

    ok im really getting confused here. what are you trying to say? is it that bonds are a contributing party in the process of heating up in friction? however, it is the energy that the bonds produce that can cause the friction process to happen. not the bonds by themselves! (visit my blog!)
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    Why does anything that accelerates heat up?

    if it is then what GO1 says is true. heat is mostly caused by friction and air friction is what cause things to heat up.:rofl: (visit my blog!)
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    Why does anything that accelerates heat up?

    no,i dont think so. alot of things happen during the process when two objects rub against each other. but friction is the most known thing that happens and contributes the highest percentage of the activities goimng on. and what is the meaning of your 2nnd question? -why do things when...
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    Some free video lectures on Physics, maths and all sciences

    Yea i agree, those are one load of useful stuff! thanks! please post more if possible!