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    Feynman diagrams Higgs decay p.33
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    Field of a grounded sphere - Scilab

    That's really cool. I know nothing about coding so I can't help you. I'm just wondering if you've compared your result with the known exact result via the image charge method. It would be cool to see the quality of this lattice method.
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    Statistical physics reflection principle

    I'm assuming you know what to do without the absorbing wall (i.e. how to derive the appropriate diffusion equation and show that the solution is Gaussian of some particular width in the continuum limit etc. etc. etc.) The diffusion equation is linear and has a unique solution given complete and...
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    Bulk Modulus of an Ideal Gas

    Almost a year later Isothermal: d(PV)=PdV+VdP= NRdT= 0 since dT= 0. Thus, -dV/V= dP/P and plugging this into the definition of the bulk modulus B=dp/(-dV/V)= P. Adiabatic: d(PV^x)= xPV^(x-1) dV+ V^x dP= 0 since PV^x is constant. Thus, -dV/V= dP/xP and plugging this in as above gives B= xP.