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    James Stewart's Calculus (Fourth Edition)

    Can anyone tell me how James Stewart's Calculus (Fourth Edition) is divided into Calculus 1, 2, and 3 (which chapters belong to each subject)? I've heard that it contains all three but I cannot see any clear division. Also, where does multivariable Calculus fit-is it part of 1, 2, or 3, or is...
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    QBasic questions

    There are a few things that I can't remember learning in my Computer Programming class, and I haven't been able to find the answers. Can anyone tell me how to: -round a number to a certain number of decimal places? -use dates (month day, year) as response to input as a single variable...
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    GPA Weighting at UF and FSU

    I was reading about these colleges and was surprised to see that their average GPAs are in the same area as the admittants to Ivy league schools. The average GPAs are around 3.73 and 3.9. My question is how much are they weighted? Are the GPAs actually that high or are they just really weighted...
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    Areas of mathematics that could be self-taught

    I'm currently taking Precalculus in school, and I've been trying to get ahead by teaching myself Calculus, however I would also be interested in learning about other areas of mathematics (especially those which also relate to physics). Does anyone know of a specific division of mathematics that...
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    Florida Institute of Technology

    In my college search I've noticed that I've picked ideal reaches and not many good matches or safeties. My GPA is 3.0-unweighted (going up), my rank is currently in the top 15%. I haven't yet taken the SAT but feel confident that I can do better than the average score at the Florida Institute of...
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    Free QBasic Download?

    I've been using QBasic (Quick Basic) in school and wanted to go over it on the weekends, but I can't find a download anywhere that works (I downloaded one version but the screen was too small, and it didn't seem to be able to retrieve information from the floppy disk, if anyone knows any other...
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    What are G. C. E. classes?

    What are GCE A Levels classes? Can anyone tell me what GCE A Levels are? Thank you.
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    Junior year Schedule-Which classes are most important to have taken?

    This is my schedule for my Junior year: American History Honors English III Honors Precalculus Honors Probability and Statistics Yearbook Honors Physics Honors AP Psychology I think I'd like to switch out of Yearbook to take Computer Programming, but I'm not sure if that would make me...
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    Physics B vs. Physics C, Calculus AB vs. Calculus BC

    I am taking Physics Honors, and Precalculus Honors this year (my Junior year). I wanted to take AP Physics in my senior year, but my school lists only "AP Physics"-would that be a combination of both B and C? And I have heard different things about AP Calculus, could I take BC after precalculus...
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    Inv, co, arc, arcco, inv co, etc

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is, if any, between inverse _, arc_, co_, and _^-1, when refereing to any of the trigonometric ratios? Also, what would arcco_, and inverse co_ refer to? Thank you.