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    Flux linkage vs. flux, Faraday's/Lenz's Law

    Homework Statement In my power engineering class we've been going over basic electromagnetism. I need some help understanding Faraday's/Lenz's law. As far as I understand, it is v(t) = d(lambda)/dt where v(t) is voltage and lambda is flux linkage. My question is, how do I find...
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    Schools GPA for grad school

    Looking at some of the older threads, I've gotten the message that with my major gpa of 2.8 (in electrical engineering) and overall gpa of 3.12 I don't have a good shot at getting into grad school. However, a few professors that I have taken classes from and done research for are encouraging me...
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    Am I bad at math?

    Hi all, I've been reading the posts and you guys give good advice :) I am a senior majoring in electrical engineering, but due to having a lot of AP credit coming into college I'm going to have a lot of time for electives next year. When I was in middle school/ high school I wanted to be...