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    Velocity in polar coordinates

    Homework Statement I don't understand why when we derive the velocity equation of motion in polar coordinates we start with position equal to R times R hat and not (theta times theta hat + R times R hat). Homework Equations none really.. The Attempt at a Solution Is there an assumption I'm...
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    Physics Where area do computational physicists work in?

    Hey Guys, I'm currently finishing up my B.S in Physics (going into the last semester of Junior year) and plan on getting a Masters in Computer Science concentrating on software engineering. I'm curious if anyone else has made a similar career choice and how it worked out. Also, which...
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    Dispersion Force - The intermolecular force

    (I would like to put an idea of mine to rest) About one year ago I took a college chemistry course in which I learned about intermolecular forces. The weakest of these intermolecular forces, I learned, was the dispersion force (also called London force). This force was discovered by Fritz W...
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    Freshman physics major at UNCG

    Hey guys, I'm new to your forum and just thought I'd make my presents known. I'm currently a freshman physics major at UNCG and love it! Physics is much more than a passion for me, it's more like a lifestyle. Being a freshman with such a challenging major I find it quite important to have a...