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    Coplanar vectors and linear dependance

    how do i prove vectors u v w are coplanar if and only if they are linearly dependent ? i have no idea where to start.
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    Resource on induction

    i am totally lost on this subject. like i have NO CLUE what its about or what to do or how to prove things. Can anyone recommend a good site or online resource about this induction stuff?
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    Combinations: C(28,2n)/C(24,2n-4)=225/11 Solve for n

    i am given C(28,2n)/C(24,2n-4)=225/11 where C are combonations. i am supposed to solve for n. after subbing in n and k and simplifying i get (11*28!)/2n!=(225*24!)/(2n-4)! (i am pretty sure this is correct). i do not seem to be able to continue after that. how do i solve for n?
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    Perpendicular Lines in 3 Space

    i am given parametric equations of 2 lines L1 and L2 and i am asked to find the vector, parametric and symmetric equation of a line that intersects these 2 lines at 90 degrees so a line that is perpendicular to those 2 lines. how do i go about this? at first i tried converting the parametric...
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    Coplanar vectors problem

    The numbers in brackets are supposed to be in subscript so V(2) would be V subscript 2 and the number in front is just multiply, all the variables are vectors so they have a arrow on top. Determine if, W(1) = 2V(1) + 3V(2) , W(2) = V(2) + 2V(3) and W(3) = -V(1) - 3V(3) are coplanar i dont...
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    3 Space Parallelogram

    i am given the (x,y,z) coordinates of 3 sides of a parallelogram how do i go about finding the 4 coordinate. do i find the distance between points using the same way to find vectors then try to find direction angles or something like that? because there is no slope or anything to compare too...
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    Help simplifying derivitive

    okay im supposed to prove the derivitive of: sqrt x/y + sqrt y/x is equal to y/x okay im stuck where i have finally isolated y' i dont know how to reduce it further im stuck with this at the moment (see attachment) can you please tell me the process you went through to simplify it?
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    Absolute values of variables

    so if |x|=(x,if x>=0, and -x, if x<0) then what would be like |x-7| be equal too and how do you do this i do not understand why |x|equals (x,if x>=0, and -x, if x<0) could you explain it to me?
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    Intersection points of the graph its solutions?

    The graphs of f(theta) = 2sin(theta) - 1 , and g(theta) = 3cos(theta)+2 are given. What equation would have the intersection points of the graph its solutions? ummm..... what does this mean? and how do i solve it?
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    Parabola Problem

    Given {x | -50 < x < 50}, {y | 0 < y < 20} vertex at (0,20) it is a parabola find the equation in (x-h)^2=4p(y-k) its pretty easy except how do i find p?
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    Hyperbola equations

    Using a domain of {x | -50 < x < 50} and a range of {y | 0 < y < 20}, determine the following types of equations that you could use to model the curved arch. The equation of a hyperbola in the form , where b = 10. The lower arm of the hyperbola would represent the arch...
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    Locus question

    is the locus of points equidistant from the two given points on the same line as the perpendicular bisector of the 2 points?
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    How do you solve for n in this question 34=r^n

    how do you solve for n in this question 34=r^n i know what the r value is man i should know this
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    Interest on principal over 5 years

    A retired hockey star wants to set up a scholarship fund to assist an underprivileged child who would like to go to a post-secondary institution. He wants to ensure that the student will have $6000 per year for five years. How much should he give to the institution, now, to ensure that this can...
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    Pendulum- Maximum displacement?

    what is the maximum displacement of a pendulum i dont know what it is. is it the distance from the central point to the end of the arm? and how do i solve it if i am given a periodic Sin function?
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    Ferris Wheel problems

    The height (in metres) of a rider on a ferris wheel after t minutes can be described by the function y=67sin[(pi/15)x -30]+70 a) what is the diameter b) where is the rider at x=0? explain the significance c)how high off the ground is the rider at the top of the wheel? d) at what times will...
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    Show a sequence of amounts are a geometric series

    i am given a set of amounts R(1+i)^(n-1)+R(1+i)^(n-2)+...... R(1+i)^1,R and so on it has to do with compound interest. how do i prove this is a geometric series?
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    Tan x-intercepts

    the tan graph is in the form y=atan(b(x-c))+d how do you determine the "EXACT" x-intercept of this graph in radian form when the d value does not equal 0 and is there a formula for finding the x-intercept when given the equation in the form above using the values of a,b,c and d which control the...
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    Verifying arithmetic series

    i am given an formula Sn= n/2[2a+(n-1)d] and i am told to verify the formula represents the sum of n terms of an arithmetic series. How do i verify this?