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  1. M problem

    I'm having a few things happen on my computer that I'm curious about. I'm not sure if it's a problem, but it's arroused my suspicion. Recently, I've noticed that when my pc goes to a screen saver and I move the mouse to use the pc again, I have to click on my account again to log back on. I'm...
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    Opera browser

    I'd like an opinion on the browser, Opera. I happen to like it, but I'm wondering how good it actually is in your opinions? If Firefox has any significant advantages? I have dial up, so I don't have much bandwidth.
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    AOL dialer

    I've heard of a program that comes with aol called aol dialer or something like that. From what I hear, this program comes with aol and allows you to dial up without using aols ****ty software. I want to use the dialer to get internet connectivity and use opera as a browser (which I am using...
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    Mouse causing noise

    My mouse is causing noise in my speakers whenever I move it. I can't exactly explain the noise, but it's quite and wouldn't be noticed if perhaps the television was on or I had an mp3 playing. I tried muting the speakers from the volume control panel in windows XP, but I could still hear the...
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    Network question

    I just set up a 10baseT LAN between 2 pcs with an ethernet crossover cable. It operates at 10Mbps, half duplex. I know the ethernet card in this pc supports 100baseTX, and I'm pretty sure the NIC in the other pc does as well. I'd like to set them to 100baseTX and full duplex to try to get a...
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    Closing IE with game running

    question. Is it a good idea to use ctl+alt+del to shut down Internet Explorer while running a video game? The intent would be to save system resources. If it matters, the game is Fallout Tactics and I run windows XP. I tried it and it worked, except for the fact that I couldn't restart...
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    Internet service Providers

    I'm looking for a new ISP. Right now I have america online and absolutely hate it. I know as far as dial up goes, I'm not going to get a significant increase in bandwidth, so I'm looking for other features. I tried Netzero and had to reformat my hard drive to fix it. The particular Netzero...
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    Album art

    I have a question about album art in windows xp. A lot of my music was taken from backup disks and didn't come with album art, they were burnt under windows me. I've went ahead and searched a P2P network for album art and retrieved most of what I need. The problem I am having is that quite a few...
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    Networking pcs

    I am looking for info on networking my pc and another pc so I can put about 1gb of my files on the other for backup purposes. My pc is a 350mhz pentium2 processor, 320mb ram, 7.83gb hd, has USB (not sure of exact USB version, 2.0 I think), 56k dial up modem, and Windows ME [came with 98, went to...
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    External hard drive

    Would an external hard drive be useful for backing up data so I can restore my pc? Can I just plug one into my USB port and put files on it without having to set it up as a slave? Install software? Format? I actually only want to back up about 1gb. Would I be able to plug it into other pcs and...
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    Hallucinogenic mushrooms (don't read if this topic offends you)

    I have a few questions about hallucinogenic mushrooms. (I have never tried shrooms) I'm considering trying mushrooms while I'm in High School. Can you OD? As I understand it, yes, but you have to eat an obscene amount to OD (varies by species I imagine) Are there any permanent effects on...