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    Does anyone know what the internet url bar is called?

    I would like to know the specific name for the bar where you type the internet addresses. Also, what do you call the list that opens down when you type something that you've already visted in the bar? Thanks.
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    Avg. number of hours people spend watching tv & playing games?

    Can someone help me find credible stats on the avg. number of hours people spend watching tv & playing games? I need credible data that I can cite. Please provide the URL so that I can refer back to it. Also, any other statistics on how computer games/usage, TV, or technology on how they...
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    Schools Will not taking Chemistry junior year hurt my chances of getting into top colleges?

    I'm currently a sophomore and I haven't taken any course in chemistry yet. Our school only offers up to chemistry honors but both the honors and regular classes are extremely hard to get an A in (almost the same difficulty). Not only that but the teacher doesn't teach and the...
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    Best Chemistry Book?

    Best Chemistry Book??? What is the best chemistry book out there with lots of practice problems and that allows a beginner to comprehend material the most? It should include all of the basic topics that a college course teaches. Thanks.
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    How do you find the derivative of

    How do you find the derivative of f(x)=5?? I got 0/0... but shouldn't there be no derivative then? I know that I can visualize the function f(x) because it is just a straight horizontal line and there is no slope at any point on the line... but how do you solve it algebraically so that it...
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    Weird square root.

    Isn't \sqrt{2}^{4} equal to 4?? How come when I plug this into my calculator it gives me the number:3.999999999996 , which is very close to 4 but isn't?? Is there something wrong with the settings of my calculator?
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    Studying Is self-studying for AP Chemistry even possible?

    Is self-studying for AP Chemistry even possible?? I'm planning on taking Chemistry honors and they teach AP Chem material. However the teacher doesn't teach so I basically need to self-study for the hard tests, labs, and quizzes he gives frequently. Is it possible to spend only an hour each day...
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    Best Text/Review books for: Chemistry Honors, AP Calculus, AP Bio, AP Enviornmental S

    What are the best Text/Review books for: Chemistry Honors, AP Calculus, AP Bio, AP Enviornmental Science?? I'm looking for good textbooks that are easy to comprehend and gives you a lot of practice and allows you to think a lot. Likewise, I would like simplistic review books that go right to...
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    AP Computer Science A VS. Chemistry Honors

    AP Computer Science A VS. Chemistry Honors<-- highest level chem course Which class should I take Junior year? Which do you think will be the most beneficial for someone who is planning to apply to top UCs and Stanford (engineering/science major). Here are the pros and cons that I think...
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    What if you take the harder AP/Honors classes in your senior year instead of junior?

    Here's the deal: I'm currently a sophomore in high school and I need to choose my classes for junior year. I've made a thread like this, but I'm addressing a newer issue here. I'm taking AP Physics B this year and that is the only AP/Honors class I have taken so far. Here's what I've...
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    How do you remember all of the math applictaions?

    What is the easiest way to review math concepts, trig identities and such? Are sparknotes charts good? Does anyone know of any good book or review sheet that gives you many of the useful laws, formulas and what not? Thanks.
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    Derivative notation

    Where are there so many different ways of writing the derivative of the function? Which one is the most commonly used by college professors and that looks the coolest? Probably \frac{dy}{dx} right??
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    If AP Environmental Science is looked down upon, should I take it?

    I'm planning on taking 3 of the following science courses next year: Chemistry Honors (Highest Chem course at our school) AP Biology AP Enivronmental Science This year, I'm taking AP Physics B and I have A's for both semesters. I also have some other choices- AP Stats, AP Music Theory...
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    Schools Honors Chemistry, Is it essential for getting into good schools?

    Honors Chemistry, Is it essential for getting into good schools?? I'm in High School. I'm planning on majoring in engineering or science related fields and I don't know whether I should take the only chemistry offered at our school, Honors Chemistry. The only thing is that there is only one...
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    Easiest lens project?

    Everyone in our class needs to build a lens optical device such as a projector, camera, copier, telescope, microscope, solar cooker, etc. We will need to include a ray tracing diagram. Has anyone ever made a simple device with lenses? What do you think will be the easiest and cheapest? Thanks
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    Electric fields

    If a problem asks you to find the electric field at a certain point, do you add up the field vectors as if they were forces on a positive test charge? For example:
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    Heat Engines/Entropy

    Can someone explain why the entropy of a cyclic carnot engine is equal to 0? Also in the refigerator section, why is Q_h coming into the heat reservoir when Q_c is the one being transferred??
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    Delta Symbol confusion

    Okay, so how do you know when to put a delta symbol in front of a variable? For example, U=\frac{3}{2}nRT however, it can also be written as \Delta U=\frac{3}{2}nR\Delta T --Change in Internal energy of a system I'm pretty sure that this isn't the case for many equations such as: \Delta...
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    Thermo Physics Questions

    Does the internal energy always depend only on temperature in an ideal gas? Would the equation U=\frac{3}{2}nRT tell us that? are there any other equations? I'm also confused with the area within a cyclic curve on a PV graph. Does the area within the curve represent the work done ON the...
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    Typo in PR book?

    Typo in PR book?? Personally I think PR has tons of mistakes. I think I've found one in the book and it confuses me. Can someone see if it is a mistake? Thanks PR says: "The expanding gas did negative work against its surroundings, pushing the piston upward." --I think it should be: The...
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    Different kinds of Kinetic energy

    I'm studying thermodynamics and I've come across different types of KE's in the motion of molecules within gases. What is "translational kinetic energy?" Is "rotational kinetic energy" just the rotational movement of the molecules?
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    How do you know which variables in an equation are constant?

    How do you know which variables in an equation are constant? My solution: I think that variables in an equation with no \Delta in front of it will be assumed that it is constant always. Is this correct for any equation? But for PV=nRT, it is kind of ambiguous. Should the problem should...
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    Physics Practice test questions

    Homework Statement The Attempt at a Solution in progress.. 66. \varepsilon = Blv \qquad \varepsilon=\frac{-\Delta\phi_{m}}{\Delta t} \qquad \phi_{m}=BAcos\Theta=\;\pi r^{2}\qquad 4\pi b^{2} That's why I chose (e) for 66. 33. I have no idea on this one. I just picked the one...
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    Some practice test questions

    I have a few practice test questions that I have gotten wrong and would like to know why. (I have the answers, but not the explanations) 1. Quantum transitions that result in the characteristic sharp lines of the X ray spectrum always involve a. the inner electron shells b. electron...
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    Energy released in nuclear fission

    Homework Statement Find the energy released of the follow fission reaction: \displaystyle{^{1}_0}n\; +\; ^{235}_{92}U\; \rightarrow \; ^{88}_{38}Sr\; +\; ^{136}_{54}Xe \;+\; 12 ^{1}_{0}n} Homework Equations E=mc^2 The Attempt at a Solution How come the masses between the...
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    How do you determine the charge of nuclei?

    I have a few questions about nuclear physics: How do you determine the charge of nuclei? Isn't it always positive? Please tell me what equations/concepts I need to know for these objectives: 1. Use conservation of mass number and charge to complete nuclear reactions. 2. Determine the...
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    Single-slit diffraction equations

    Please tell me what I need to know and what equations I need to use for these type of problems. Please define the variables in the equations too. Thanks. -Sketch or identify the intensity patteren that results when monochromatic waves pass through a single slit and fall on a distant screen...
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    Absorbtion and Emission of Photons

    I'm somewhat confused about the emission of photons when electrons go down an energy level. What sentence could I use to help me comprehend this process? This is what I was thinking: When electrons absorb photons from electromagnetic radiation, the electrons have more energy and thus it moves to...
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    How are Energy and Momentum related?

    I know that both energy and momentum are transferred from one object to another in collisions. But I'm not use to relating energy to collisions, rather I use momentum mostly. How are Energy and momentum related? I know that Kinetic energy has the same variables (mv) as momentum except that it...
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    Objective confusion-Interference and Diffraction

    There are some objectives that I need to complete by this week. Please help me determine what they are by offering equations/experiments that relate to them. Thanks! Relate the amplitude produce by two or more sources that interfere constructively to the amplitude and intensity produced by a...