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    Big Rip theory

    The Big Rip is an extreme scenario that supersedes that of a Big Freeze. Both of them are possible consequences of an ever expanding universe. While the Big Freeze can take place if the forces that are believed to govern the current rate of expansion are constant, the Big Rip will happen if the...
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    Hi everybody,this is my first post. So sorry for the possible

    Bjorken X is a scaling variable used in deep inelastic scattering..for more info on this experiment see this: [Broken] It gives the momentum fraction carried by an inclusively observed particle. Structure...
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    Negative quantum states

    thank you very much for the replies..i actually encountered this while readig a book , quite old , and thats why i probably heard abt this,,,,,,,,
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    Negative quantum states

    can somebody simply explain what is meant by NEGATIVE QUANTUM STATES , as given by dirac in his theory???i know its not as SIMPLE as i want it to be , but still I would like to know its significance in the most basic way!!
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    Integrating to solve kinematics problem, bad or good?

    i think you will realize it very soon that you will sometimes feel helpless without the sound knowledge of maths in physics.....
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    Degree of freedom

    you need to specify the molecule first!!!
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    Magnetic monopoles?

    magnetic monopoles?? why dont magnetic monopoles exist??
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    Pseudo forces

    hmmm ok thanks for ur answers!!
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    Pseudo forces

    Why are pseudo forces also sometimes called INERTIAL FORCES , even though their need arises because of non inertial frames??:confused:
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    H20 is polar because

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    Chemistry - Lewis Structure question

    all the three are equivalent indeed!!
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    @symbolipoint what is the mass of the natural gas that you are getting?? by your method , i am not getting the right answer!!
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    Are ionic bonds results of redox reactions?

    completely no relation between the two...:uhh:
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    Titration Question

    it can also alter the volume...
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    i dont know why i am getting stuck in such a question??? can u explain it in a little easier way??:redface:
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    Potential energy curve of a molecule

    your question is itself being answered by yourself..........:tongue:
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    so you mean i should find number of moles by taking the help of given % by volume...
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    Circular orbits help

    hmmm still confused with what the quesn is asking exactly??:confused:
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    hmmm if 1 mole CH4 contains 1 mole C how can we find moles of C in 10 % CH4...??
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    Phenyl and methyl shift

    :approve: actually our sir asked this question and we explained all the things we could ( talking about carbocation rearrangement as well) but he didnt look to be approved of what we had to say!!:rolleyes:
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    Hybridisation and MO theory

    O is sp2 hybridised according to VB theory who told you this??:rolleyes:
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    so how to start??:confused:
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    well i calculated the % by volume of C in each compound............ converted into % by wt then by dividing it by total wt found the %age....
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    Projectile Motion Bomb Question

    just use the range formula , i.e R = u2 sin 2\theta / g and max ht = u2 sin 2 \theta / 2g
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    Electrostatic repulsion problem

    that distance 28 cm is actually b/w the pt. of suspension of the 2 threads...
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    Circular orbits help

    i mean whats the meaning of by time interval b/w their periodic approaches to each other over the min. distance?? uptill now i m doin this : T = 2\pi1/2( r3 / GM) so dT = 2 pi / root of GM * 3/2 r1/2 dr so i hav found dT / T and hence dT....... what to do next??
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    Stoichiometry problem help

    Homework Statement A neutral gas sample contains 84% ( by volume ) of CH4 , 10 % of C2H6 , 3 % of C3H8 and 3% of N2 . If a series of catalytic reacns cud be used for converting all the C atoms of the gas into butadiene , C4H6 , with 100% efficiency , how much butadiene cud be prepared frm 100...
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    Circular orbits help

    Homework Statement Two satellites of the Earth move in a common plane along circular orbits , the radii being r and r-\Deltar ( \Deltar << r ). What is the time interval b/w their periodic approaches to each other over the min. distance . Take M to be the mass of the earth M = 6 * 10 24 kg ...