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    Finding the velocity change before colliding

    Homework Statement Two identical blocks of mass M are tied with a mass-less string of length L. If the string is pulled with a force F right at the midpoint of string L, the blocks will move towards each other. What will the velocity be when the blocks collide. The blocks start from rest and...
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    The classic 'stone at the end of a thread problem'

    Dear experts, when a a stone at the end of the string is rotated with a high speed so that the string is suspended making zero degrees with the plane of the ground, how do we analyze the system from the rotating frame.
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    Understanding centrifugal force

    Dear Experts, I believe that we use the concept of Pseudo Forces, to analyze mechanics within an accelerating frame of reference. Pseudo force seems to be a 'correction' in acceleration provided to all the points that are not riveted to the accelerating frame of reference. And centrifugal force...