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    Medical Contact lenses

    have absolutly no idea where to put this but ill put it here My eyesight is something like +6.25/+6.50 Now the eye man (optomotrist?) said that they only make contact lenses that go up to +6. I was wondering why this is? Also why can't long sighted people have laser eye sugery? Is there...
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    Help with software

    hello Does anyone know of a free computer program i can download that i can import an mp3 onto and slow it down without changing the pitch? I'm looking for something that will make learning songs easier. Something that does something similair to this but is a program that i can get free...
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    Direct/Inverse proportion

    hello we have been covering direct and inverse proportion at school. Are there any other types of proprtion? We've been coming across questions like: x is directly proportion to Y Then I've been told to write X (the proportion sign, which is like 8 on its side) Y X=ky We are...
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    Light bulb

    Homework Statement We did an experiment in class abvout resistance and temperature. The teacher told us to find out why light bulbs usually blow when you turn on the light. It must be related to the experiment we did which was seeing how resistance changed with temperature Homework...
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    Getting hammered/smashed/wasted

    Hello I'm 14 years old and i don't really drink that much(as in alcohol, i do drink plenty of water). When I hear stories about how much people got "wasted" or "omg before i came into school i drank 4 beers", it makes me wonder why? I know it's because it's a new thing to people my age and...
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    Pushing/anti pulling muscles

    ok so i need a bit of help ok i'm not sure what i have but to describe it: It is in my lower back. It doesn't hurt when i don't use my back, doesn't hurt too much when i run. When it hurts it's a sharp stining pain. Do these sypmtoms sound like a pulled muscle or a strained muscle. What are...
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    Light bending?

    Hello, not too sure if this is the right section but i do remeber reading it in a book about astrophysics and cosmology. The reason im asking is that a can't find where i read it. It said something like light bends slightly due to gravity or something like that. There was a man in a space...
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    Open and closed universe

    Hello, I'm not sur if this is the right section. Please could a mod move it if it isn't. I've only just got into physics and so i don't want anything tooo complicated Could someone please explain the difference between an open and closed univers Thanks _Muddy_
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    Nail growth hormone?

    Nail growth hormone??? Hello Don't actually know if this is the correct section but anyway. Does anybody know how our fingernails grow? What stimulates them to grow? Is there something i could do more/take to help my nails grown quicker and stronger? Thanks _Muddy_
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    Spare ribs?

    Hey guys, my brother tells me some of you are into your cooking and so i ask for some helps. When in South Africa wheneverI ordered some spare ribs i got something like this: (I need 15 posts to post urls unfortunatly so if you type "spare ribs" into google images look for an image from...
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    Blues Thread

    Hey everyone, So, I saw from another thread a couple people like blues. Anyone else? If so who do you like? Whose your favourite? Are you going to see anyone good? Ever seen anyone legendary play live, tell us about it. I personally love elmore james, muddy waters, john lee hooker, freddie...