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    Discharging a high voltage capacitor using a low voltage source?

    Suppose a capacitor is initially charged up to 2V, and then a 1V DC voltage source is used to discharge the capacitor to 1V, what is the energy consumption from the voltage source and what is the total energy loss? Assume the capacitor is connected to the voltage source using a resistor and...
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    Capacitor charging

    Consider the two scenarios below: 1) charging a capacitor from 0v to 1v 2) charging a capacitor from 1v to 2v energy stored on a capacitor is 0.5*C*(voltage)^2. So the energy increase for capacitor is 0.5*C in 1) and 1.5*C = 0.5*C*(2^2-1) in 2) Assume the ohmic loss are both 0.5*C since...