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    Proof of Poincare Recurrence Theorem

    Does anyone know of an accessible reference that sketches a proof of Poincare's recurrence theorem? (This is not a homework question.) I'm coming up short in my searches -- either the proof is too sketchy, or it is inaccessible to me (little background in maths, but enough to talk about...
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    Paradox about Laws

    The following claims each strike me as intuitively plausible: I. For any event e, if e occurs that it is possible that the laws of nature made it the case that e occurs. (This is supposed to capture the intuition that it is possible for every happening to be law-governed. The laws of...
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    Poincare Recurrence and the Infinite N Limit

    (One version of) Poincare's Recurrence Theorem states that for any conservative system whose possible states S form a compact set in phase space, that system will "almost always" return arbitrarily close to its initial state, provided we wait long enough. ('Almost always' means 'all but a set...