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    Can't get this

    can't get this!!! Hi there, I have a question that I cannot solve. Here it is. \frac{1}{\sqrt(4-2\sqrt3)}=x+y\sqrt3 then what is x^2+y^2? All I did was finding what left hand side stood for. It equals \frac{\sqrt3 + 1}{2} Any help?
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    Values of a and b

    \int_a^b (x-x^2)dx What values of a and b make this integral's value maximum? I have tried to do it but cannot get it. I know that the maximum value of x-x^2 is 0,25. but I'm stuck from there. I try to write the integral in the form of a riemann sum but (b-a)s cancel each other.what am I to...
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    X in terms of a

    Hi, I have a problem with the following problem. We have to write x in terms of a. x^2=y+a y^2=z+a z^2=x+a I have done some work but all I got is eighth degree polinomial and there is no easy wayof solving it in terms of a as far as I know. This is what I have ((x^2-a^2)^2-a)^2=x...
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    Need help about a choice I have to make

    Hello there, The tests for university is fast approaching, but I cannot make my mind up which way to go. Even now, I study calculus and some physics, and each time I start studying I feel awestruck, I totally adore natural sciences. But there remains a problem. Here in Turkey, being a scientist...
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    Newton's Mathematcal Papers

    Do any of you guys know where I can find all the 8 volumes of Newton's Mathematical Papers? Thanks in advance. Cheers, Can
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    Sketching the change in a cube's volume

    Hi all, I've come by an interesting while studying. Here it goes The volume V=x^3 of a cube of with edges of length x increases by an amount \Delta V when x increases by an amount \Delta x . Show with a sketch how to represent \Delta V geometrically as the some of the volumes of (a)...
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    Circumscribing an ellipse

    Let P(x,a) and Q(-x,a) be two points on the upper half of the ellipse \frac{x^2}{100}+\frac{(y-5)^2}{25}=1 centered at (0,5). A triangle RST is formed by using the tangent lines to the ellipse at Q and P. Show that the area of the triangle is A(x)=-f'(x)[x-\frac{f(x)}{f'(x)}]^2...
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    Airplane landing path

    Hi I have this question that is driving me mad any help is appreciated. An airplane is flying at altitude H when it begins its decent to an airport runway that is at horizontal ground distance L from the airplane. Assume that the landing path of the airplane is the graph of a cubic polynomial...
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    Your thoughts about these books?

    Your thoughts about these books??? Hello there, I am on the brink of buying some books from and I would like to have your opinions on some of them. Feynman Lectures and QED are sure to be bought. The others are listed below. Riemann's Zeta Function Prime Obsession What Do You...
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    Need help with a Mean Value Theorem Problem

    Hi all, I've been thinking on this a lot but couldn't come up with an answer so I need your help. I've seen this in Thomas' Calculus 10th edition. Anyway here goes the problem A marathoner ran the 26.2 mi New York City Marathon in 2.2 h. Show that at least twice the marathoner was running at...