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    What would mixing different radioactive materials do?

    If I was to throw together I variety of radioactive materials into a pot, what would be the interaction between the different materials? If I threw together Barium and Polonium, what would happen? What if I added Cesium, Europium, and Strontium to the mix? What about throwing in Uranium? Will...
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    Low pressure Fission reactor

    In small Fission reactors it can be hard to get enough heat in order to boil the water inside the boiler, so why don't we create low pressure boiler systems, where we can boil water at slightly above room temperature, use it to turn the steam turbine as it flows to the similarly low pressure...
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    B Calculating heat from decay of a radioactive isotope

    How would one go about determining the amount of heat generated by the decay of a radioactive particle, such as Cesium 137, Polonium 210, or Strontium 90? How would you determine how much of the radioactive material would be needed to heat, say, a cup of water to a certain temperature, taking...