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    Learning C++

    I have started my course of C++ basics for a few weeks, some of my friends introduce Deitel's books, can you help give some comments on his series so I can assume myself that his are good enough not to waste my money on. It looks like a dictionary to me, and well, I don't have much money...
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    Google hacks people computers

    Do you know why whenever I come to, does always establish a connection to my computer, I see this when i netstat on cmd Thank you
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    Some insects bit me

    Today is not very cool, it's hot. I went out with some of my friends to....look things. I went to a bush to see some strange flowers but when I got out, there are some black ant-like insects biting my arms. I went home and now looked again my arms, very very round red spots with black small...
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    My homework this week,

    It's about lacZ E coli's failure to showing galactoside permase activity after adding lactose without glucose's presence. why ?:confused:
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    Explanations on a very simple phenon

    How can you explain biologically why we are sleepy ? I find even people who have normal sleep order also feel sleepy often....
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    Can you tell me what exactly is gene expression ?

    Can you tell me what exactly is gene expression ? I think it is the expression of a gene, correct ? By the way, I see my teacher usually sits in front of his computer, with a long page full of amino acids, I guess he might take it from somewhere's database, but do you know why people usually...
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    Dots on his face [Broken] Please look carefully at his face, and tell me please if the black dots on his are due to sickness ? I have seen people with many more dots like that on the face. Do you know why those are there ? Thanks
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    Just like before

    I just got a message sent from someone with a message my zonealarm caught in the DNS( I find it fun and anyone can give me a hint as to how can i send a message like that via internet so...
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    Site managers please

    Is there any possibility that I can obtain answers from "exactly how many scientific forums are you owning except ? and could you also tell their addresses" ? I am sure that there would be no hessitations to tell other people that "we are the owners of...
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    How can a user name be created with strange characters

    How can a user name be created with strange characters
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    A situation

    A patient caught an influenza for example and the virus is killing him. In his blood, there are fights against the virus and let say, one infected cell can infect also other neighboring cells. Do you know what and how can I set up a rule to calculate the numbers of healthy cells after 't time'...
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    Grana and stroma

    What is the difference between grana and stroma thylakoids ? Could you also give me an example showing that photosynthesis is the reverse of respiration ? Thank you
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    Do you know why men's legs are usually smaller than women's ?

    Do you know why men's legs are usually smaller than women's ?
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    How they move

    Hello, I have some students--my part-time job as a teacher--who are know in their first year at high school. They asked me a question about how some sticks drawn in were getting well connected and also can move back and forth amazingly. There is no doubt that my students...
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    Life not on earth

    How can we check if there is life in outter space? Thankyou --persefone--
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    Chemical elements

    Do you know any free software to draw elements or simulate chemical reactions ? I like the free ones :biggrin: Thankyou
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    Why humans use the nose to breathe ?

    Do you know why humans use the nose to breathe ? Are there any animals breathing by other organs even though they have their own noses ? Thankyou :wink: --Persefone-
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    Sexual selection

    People say Darwen was incorrect about sexual selection but what do you think should be the reason(s) for such an error ? Thank you. --Persefone-