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    Atmospheric radiation scattering/absorption

    I am still trying to assess the ability of the sun to heat a house through glass and I am a bit stuck . Most solar flux /radiation measurements I have found are based on a total of direct and diffuse radiation on a horizontal surface and then formulated for vertical surfaces with some cosine...
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    Insolation in the uk

    I am doing a few calcs regarding heat gain through windows and I am looking fot some typical values to apply for vertical surface NSE&W. I currently have figures from a glass manufacturer, a net based calculator and the BRE standar assesment proceedure ( for energy rating houses). All three...
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    U values W/M2/K

    u values ....W/M2/K I am getting confused by the definition of the u-value . I want to do some calculations for heat loss but I do not understand the timescale for the U- value calcs I understand that a U value describes the energy in watts that is lost per Sq Mtr for each degree (K)...
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    Guitar string tuning

    Ok so Ive tried lots of searching ...but... it doesn't seem to hone in on my thinking which isss... I play bass guitar and different people have different views on how much to stretch their strings to attain alevel where their style of play wil allow the strings to bend and sound great whilst...
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    Simple school boy stuff .

    simple school boy stuff ....... I know matter cannot be created or destroyed but is the same true of energy Ive tried searching but.........:frown: I'm sure there is a definitive answer :wink: but I await your most knowledgeable replies thanks in advance