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    I Why aren't we on maverick branches?

    This one is dedicated to my dear Everettians: What is interesting to me is that Stephen Hsu has previously been a very outspoken proponent of Everett.
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    META - Mods please stop closing QM interpretation threads

    Way too many valuable and technical discussions that are outside the realm of 'pure philosophy' gets shutdown here way too often. The last one was a highly productive and interesting thread about technical issues within the Many Worlds Interpretation. Sure some of the posts at the end were...
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    Evidence for retrocausal interpretation of QM?

    This article about a recent experiment was just published the other day: I can't help but think that this is at least weak evidence in favour of the retrocausal interpretation. Of course other interpretations aren't...
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    More evidence that the wavefunction is ontologically real?

    This just in:
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    Is the future of quantum mechanics retrocausal?

    In the past decade there has been a blossoming of all kinds of interpretations and variations of interpretations of quantum theory. Recently an outlier has entered the picture more and more, namely the retrocausal view which aims to tackle the measurement problem and no go theorems by taking the...
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    What is the current status of quantum darwinism ?

    I see quantum darwinism mentioned quite a lot and it seems almost as it is being accepted by the world of academia as a solution to the preferred basis problem. The claim is that the "classical world" is the result of all the contradictory states just keeping records, leaving only pointer states...
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    New Many Worlds objections, right/wrong ?

    I came across these objections in a paper about the status of Interpretations: Why Current Interpretations of Quantum Mechanics are Deficient In it the author raises 2 objections that he calls: The Observer energy problem and Initial entropy problem. This is way past my...
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    Time has a direction?

    So there's some potentially quite interesting news circulating: and So if the arrow of time has been confirmed for these particles doesn't this have some...
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    Discreteness and Determinism in Superstrings?

    Gerard 't Hooft has just uploaded a new paper on arxiv: Summary: Ideas presented in two earlier papers are applied to string theory. It had been found that a deterministic cellular automaton in one space- and one time dimension can be mapped onto a bosonic...
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    Overlapping vs Non-overlapping worlds in Many Worlds/Everettian Interpretation

    As the poll on this forum from 2011 that has recently been resurrected shows, there are a portion of the users here who adhere to the modern reading of the Everettian interpretation. What I have never seen discussed here though is the issue of whether the worlds split(overlap) or...