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    Math relevant to Nanotechnology

    Hello, I'm a student at UIUC and am wondering what sort of math subjects (or courses if you happen to go here) would be relevant to the field of nanotechnology. Thanks!
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    Need a book to prepare for my Calculus 3 class

    Ahoy, Next semester I am taking Calc 3 and I would like to prepair over the summer so that it is not so daunting. If anyone can suggest a "...For Dummies" type book which would give me good examples and equations along with ample example problems that would be great. P.S. I already know...
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    Need a book to prepare for my Special Relativity class

    Hello, Next semester I will be taking a class in Special Relativity through UIUC. Its only a 200 level course titled Relativity and math applications but I would really like to go in with a base. If anyone could give me some book suggestions which would contain practice problems and the like but...
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    Nuclear vs. Other Sustainable Energy

    I'm a freshman at UofI and am in engineering physics and we're given the option to take an elective option which is basically like getting a degree in physics with an emphasis on a specific area. Since I kind of want to go into sustainable/renewable energy I was wondering if I should take a...