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    Fuel Cells; PEMFC; Cause of Proton Movement

    Lately i've started learning about fuel cells, particularly proton exchange membrane fuel cells (PEMFC), and a fairly basic question that has been bugging me is: Since the cathode is positive, it is clear why the electrons flow through the load and to the cathode, but why do the...
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    How quickly would Mars loose its atmosphere?

    Besides low gravity and high doses of radiation, one of the more intractable difficulties in terraforming Mars is that if we build its atmosphere back up, then presumably it would lose it again via the same mechanisms it lost it the first time (ie solar wind, warmth, and low gravity)...
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    Numerically Solving a Second Order Differential Equation Using C

    Homework Statement The Second Order Differential Equation is: x''-u(b^2 + x^2)x'+x=0 Initial Conditions are: x(0)=1 x'(0)=0 It is to be numerically solved for 0<=t<=500. The specific numerical method to be used isn't specified, but it must be programmed into c. As a means to check the...