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    I Quantum entangled image sensor for space camera-telescope

    Could this be a possibility at some point? Since entanglement is not affected by distance, could we send cameras out to extremely distant places and get instantaneous signals? Only the image sensor would have to be entangled. It would still take the same amount of time as usual to get the camera...
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    One coil twisted in a figure 8 vs. two coils side-by-side

    The side by side coils are round or oval, and wired together in series. Let's say the side by side coils are wound opposite (one clockwise and one counterclockwise) to match the direction of travel of the twisted coil's loops. Each of the side by side coils has the same number of turns as the...
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    Number of turns vs. wire length affecting voltage in coil

    When winding a coil around a magnetic core, if you wanted to tap the coil such that each half has the same AC voltage output, would you: A) wind each part at the same RPM for the same amount of time, to get the same number of turns for each, or B) wind the second part proportionally less, to...