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    Must an all powerful god be logically self consistant?

    This question may have no value since it defeats itself. We can't use logic to discuss an illogical god. Nonetheless I would be interested in other peoples thoughts on the possibility of a "not-always-logical" god.
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    PH of weak acid/weak base salts

    I'm trying to show my students that CaCO_3 is basic. Ca^2^+ comes from Ca(OH)_2, which is a weak base due to it's low solubility. CO_3^2^- comes from the weak acid HCO_3^-. To compare the two we compare: 1) Ca^2^+ + H_2O --> Ca(OH)_2 + H_3O^+ and 2) CO_3^2^- + H_2O --> HCO_3^- +...