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    Catia this giant

    DEAR MECH ENGINEERS CAN I ASK YOU whats the rank of catia between other softwares such as solid works and solid edge and pro eng and inventor and if its possible tell me is catia the most effieicnt between them and is it enough for any mechanical engineer or its like other software has...
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    Chilled water pumps

    why is it recommended to use a 1450 rpm pump with a bronze impeller for pumping chilled water to the chillers ?
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    Stainless steel pipe selection

    dear friends i have an application for pumping system it consists of 3 parallel pumps having a max head of 8 bars i have a stainless steel pipe has 8" diameter and sch 10 will this be suitable to be used under this pressure ?
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    How to study this kind of flow ?

    how to study this kind of flow ?? how will the water flow from the upper volume to the second one ??
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    Damn centrifugal pump

    accordin to my last to posts here i found this special pump which has materials designed to carry a high press but the problem now i found a pump on the machine is bigger than the one in the manual so shall i buy the pump from manual or as the existing pump ?
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    Pump question

    tell me guys whats the relation between Hms and Hmd and the pump selection for example i have Hms =10bar , Hmd =12 bars so Hm =2 bars so the Head of the pump is only 2 bars or its said that pump has a head of 2 bars and can withstand 12bars ???
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    Pressurized centrifugal pump

    dear guys how are u ?? i ve a problem with selecting a centrifugal pump for circulating water in a closed system this system consists of tank , pipes up to 60 meters with 2 inch dia , then these pipes deliver water to a tube contains pressurized nitrogen @ 10 bars then return back to tank and...
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    Strange bearings

    hello everyone i am a maintenance engineer in old factory so while we were working on an old machine yesterday we found a very strange gear box like the harmonic drives but it transmitts the motion from the motor shaft by a key to bearings those bearings transmitts motion to a elliptic shaped...
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    I am a new user of ansys 12 and i dont know if this program is

    i am a new user of ansys 12 and i dont know if this program is excellent or not but i think it will take me a long time to learn it so guyz do u find it great program or not ?
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    Help heat transfer

    i have a system consists of a shell an tube exchanger and a centrifugal blower the blower suction is at the exit of the exchanger i want to replace the shell and tube with a multi plates heat exchanger whats my conditions for this process BLOWER 0.03 m^3/s max press 16 bar and SHELL...
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    Mechanical engineer

    mechanical engineer :D or :S well i am a mechanical engineer in a factory my job is maintenance of different machines so i am dealing with many mechanical systems also dealing with air compressors pneumatic circuits , hydraulic circuits and air chillers i deal with many things may be...
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    Shell and tube exchanger

    hello guyz i have some questions about shell and tube exchangers 1- whats the difference between shell and tube exchanger over the plate exchanger ?? 2- whats the data required for selecting heat exchanger ?? 3- if i will replace the shell and tube with a plate exchanger whats the...
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    Centrifugal blower ?

    centrifugal blower ?????????????? how can i test a centrifugal blower ???
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    2 identical parallel centrifugal pumps ?

    2 identical parallel centrifugal pumps ??? hello everyone i have a very confusing problem with a cold water system sonsists of 2 identical centrifugal pumps their position is under the tank so there is always a +ve suction head then those pumps takes water from the tank and deliver it to a...
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    Mechanical seal monitoring system ?

    mechanical seal monitoring system ???? hello everyone i have a system consists of A blower used for nitrogen cooling this blower has a mechanical seal which is cartidge seal and the seal cooling liquid is water pumped from a water tank via a water pump to keep both surfuces of the seal...
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    Water at 120 c

    hello guys how can i have liquid water at 120 c ?????????
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    How can i obtain the pump flow rate ?

    how can i obtain the pump flow rate ??? is this done by filling a certin volume and measure time or there is another method ??
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    Centrifugal pump

    how to obtain a centrfugal pump curve ???? and how can say from the sound of the pump if its running under cavitation or not ?? and whats the cavitation signs for the pump
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    Vortex tube ?

    i know vortex tube is an element used to cool the air by changing pressure i d like to know how does it work exactly ??
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    Gear pump cavi ?

    gear pump cavi ??? well dear all we know that gear pump is a positive desplacement pump which has constant dioscharge at different loads my problem is i need an explaination to this sitiuation " from 1 month at my work i found a breakdown of lubricating pump used to pump oil on a bearing...
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    How can i ?

    how can i calculate density of a liquid pumped in a closed circuit and i dont know the nature of it ???
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    Mechanical seal

    can i design a mechanical seal ?
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    Problem because of mechanical engineering :S :S

    hello friends iam a mechanical engineer graduated at 2007 and i am working in maintenance section in a big company @ work i always dealling with gears bearings mechanical elements u know i have spent my studies dealling with fluid power , fluid mechanics and thermal engineering i come to...
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    How to ?

    how to ??? i am a maintenance engineer dealling with many mechanical elements specially in power transmission like gear trains and many gear boxes and hydraulic circuits but i have left my career to another one that will make me workin in the design of water systems and pump sellection ...
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    Centrifugal pump not working

    hello guys heres another question my pump not pumping liquied althoug the pump is under the tank why ???
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    Water hammer in annular

    IN MY WORK a jacketed pipe was damaged i duno whts the reason but i doubt the water hammer can any one help me about the analysis of water hammer in jackets