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    Getting to the Bottom of Time

    Thank you, muccasen! But, I'm afraid that phrases like, "time runs" and "detached by an amount of time" are the ones that I am trying to avoid. These are simply idioms that we have come to associate with the concept of time. Of all the "concepts" we think we understand, "time" is the most...
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    Lie groups, Lie algebra books?

    I am actually having trouble viewing this book. What do I need in order to view it?
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    What really is a photon?

    According to general relativity, energy curves space. I would assume this energy wouldn't exclude photons.
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    What really is a photon?

    Going back to the wave vs. particle question: I believe that when one asks this question (what really is a photon?), he or she is looking for an analogy that compares a photon to a macroscopic phenomenon. This is what physicists are doing in a way, but instead of looking for an analogy they are...
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    Lie groups, Lie algebra books?

    I would also like to learn about Lie Algebra for the same reason as waht. E8 seems very interesting and Lie Algebra just seems so fundamental for quantum field theory. A great tool to have, but how should one learn it? Waht, have you checked out Lisi's paper, "An Exceptionally Simple Theory of...
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    Getting to the Bottom of Time

    "What is time?" I am aware that the question is age-old and has loomed in the background of physics as long as the subject has been around. I am also aware that cosmologists, who devote their lives to studying the concept of time and the evolution of this universe, struggle to put a finger on...
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    Geometrical Structure

    Expand please... i'm interested.
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    Senovilla's Slowing Time Theory

    I believe that you have touched on an important symmetry that I have been thinking about for some time now. A symmetry between cause and effect; and to play off of this symmetry idea, but thinking about space instead of time, what if instead of matter causing space to warp, it was actually the...
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    Tough physics books

    Agreed! I just finished a course in which we used Griffiths and his book is excellent. Jackson is a much more challenging graduate level text. By doing Griffiths you are on the path to Jackson.