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    B Is capacitance more fundamental than resistance?

    When we have electrical resistance it is based on dissipation of energy, when we have reactance it is a consequence of charge accumulation in capacitance. Together they form impedance. But let's consider what exactly is responsible for dissipation in case of resistance? Is not it because of...
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    Schools Help to find best high school in the US to become a theoretical phyicist

    Dear everyone, My younger brother who is 15 years old and me, both live in the UK. He is determined to become a theoretical physicist like Zeldovich or Ginzburg. We have an opportunity to send him to a US high school because it is the best place to become and be a physicist. Could you please...
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    I Why don't Cooper electrons accelerate infinitely?

    Hello, I am trying to learn Quantum mechanics and have some questions I cannot answer. cooper pairs, composite boson particles (spin number = 0 or 1) from two coupled electrons. The movement of cooper pairs is forming a superconducting current. Superconducting current does not have a...
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    Programs Graduate Physics after MsC res in Chemical Biology and Bachelor in Biology

    I am 25 and I have graduated from Oxford university in Chemical Biology but strongly believe that I want to do Physics all my future life. I did my Masters by research on the department of Chemistry and I was co-supervised by Professor in Organic Chemistry and Professor in Physical Chemistry. So...