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    Division by 3

    we can use conguruence as in the first one:4182 $4182=4\cdot10^{3}+10^{2}+8\cdot10+2$ so $4182 \equiv 1+1+2+2 \equiv 0$ (mod 3). sory for my bad english.
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    Doubt in magnetism

    i am a poor one in english but iff i understund : they make that in order to have a simple formula ;because(may be) they will divid by 2 so in the place to have this ugly (l/2) they just have this beautiful (l). and i recall that in the baccalaureat exam of this year ,they gave us (2l) in order...
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    News Strategy - simulation north korean - france conflict

    you should'nt talk about that if i have really understund what does $have advantage$ means.there are a lot of wars in the world and in my opinion they will(Korea+france) lose .