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    Collapse of Wavefunction, Double-Slit Experiment

    Now I'm trying to imagine the wavefuction before and after collapse when measured at either slit. Before the particle enters the slits I imagine the wavefunction more as a planar wave with no definite position (single wavenumber and a superposition of positions). If no measurement is made then...
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    Superconductors and the Meissner Effect

    So I'm a little confused about the Meissner Effect. If we have both a perfect conductor and a superconductor (both above Tc) and place them in a magnetic field and lower their temperatures so they exhibit their respective properties, the magnetic field inside the perfect conductor persists...
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    Mains power plugs and plug packs

    OK so I've always wanted to learn about how the mains power works in conjunction with things that you plug in ie. phone chargers, computer PSU's, TV's etc. Now I know here in Australia that in the home we get 240V AC at 50Hz with the standard 3-pin outlets rated at 10Amps. What do the 3 pins...
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    Rotating cylinder on x'-axis in S' frame. Find twist per unit length in S frame

    Homework Statement A cylinder rotating uniformly about the x' axis of S' will seem twisted when observed instantaneously in S, where it not only rotates but also travels forward. If the angular speed of the cylinder in S' is ω, prove that in S the twist per unit length is yωv/c(squared)...
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    Quantum Tunnelling Technologies

    Hey guys what are some technologies that use Quantum Tunneling? Ive been looking on Google and i havnt had much luck! I just need a point in the right direction so links to websites and such would be greatly appreciated! BTW when searching google i found Quantum Tunnelling Composites which...