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    Wave Collapse and Degenerate States - A Quick Question

    Let's say you have some quantum particle whose eigenvalues for some observable Q are either degenerate or non-degenerate. If you measure the observable and find it to be in a non-degenerate state, then you know that the wave function has collapsed onto this state. Now if you measure the...
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    Maxwell's A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism

    Maxwell's "A Treatise on Electricity and Magnetism" I bought this book as a supplement to my electromagnetism I class, but the moment Maxwell goes into anything mathematical, I'm lost. The lack of illustrations and reference to many out-dated terms makes the book hard to follow. The book is a...
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    Uncertainty in Measurement (Question)

    In regards to data analysis, what would it mean if you measured some quantity, say the speed of light for example, and you measured an average value that was 110% of the true value. If your uncertainty in measurement is LESS than 10%, does that mean that something is wrong with your data or...
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    Quantum Harmonic Oscillator: Negative Kinetic Energy Question.

    Hello everybody, I noticed these questions are lengthy. If you want to skip my introduction, just scroll down to the questions. I put *** next to each one. I just started Quantum Theory I this semester and I have a question (actually two questions) regarding the quantum harmonic...
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    Medical Does the human eye have a refresh rate ?

    Does the human eye have a "refresh rate"? This question probably seems ridiculous, but I have no background in physiology and I cannot find anything discussing it online or in my roommate's physiology textbook. I was wondering if anyone here knows whether the eye and brain processes...
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    Centrifugal Force on a Bucket of Water

    I had a test the other day and it doesn't sound like it will be graded for quite some time (our TA seems to be over his head in classwork). I wanted to see if anyone here could tell me if my answer to one of the questions is correct and justified. Prethanks. Homework Statement "A bucket...