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    Problem with monitor - driver

    I recently bought a new cpu - a core 2 Duo E6550 @2.33Ghz. The board model is Intel Desktop Board DG33FB. But I kept my old monitor, a Samsung Samtron 45Bn, bought way back in 1999. The monitor does not work with the new system with software drivers installed. I have to use it otherherwise...
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    Need help with my course on memory mapping and stuff

    I have got a begginner's course in computer organisation this semester. The course consists of the basic stuff like types of memories and memory hierarchy with the detailed description of each etc etc. Now, what i really dont get is memmory mapping and how exactly data is read and written on...
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    How do they convert b/w films into colour?

    i've seen a film which was orignally black and white but after 50 years or so they made it colour. how did they do it?
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    Programming difficulties

    I am studying computer science and i have just finished my first year. We had a little bit of C language. Now i can grasp the theory part of the language like the syntax and the components of the language, but i can't seem to be ale to write programs. I mean i cant form the correct algorithm or...
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    Two simple questions regarding black holes

    Which are all the methods by which black holes are detected? How do we get to know how massive a black hole
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    Working of BJT as an amplifier: concept

    How does a small change in base current result in a large change in collector current in a BJT? Please explain in terms of movement of electrons (in NPN). Most textbooks I have referred say that the reason is low resistance of emitter-base and high resistance of collecter-base. However i cannot...
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    The model number of a cell phone

    What does the model number of a cell phone stand for? Does it have a special significance? eg: nokia 3310 or sony k300i?
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    Regarding the discovery of quantum theory

    Why did Max Planck think that energy ought to be radiated in quantas? What were the shortcomings of the earlier theories that made the Quantum Theory a necessity. For example, the shortcomings in Galileo's model of planetary motion was that it could not explain why did the planets revolve around...
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    Problem with my universe!

    In his book "The Brief History Of Time", Stephen Hawking says that if the universe is finite, as assumed by Newton et al, the astronomical bodies would fall on one point. Now I am having a really tough time imagining this. Wouldnt the gravitational force be too weak to pull these bodies on one...
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    Escape nelocity derivation

    escape velocity derivation The problem is thus: The acceleration of a satellite is given by -gR^2/r^2 where R= radius of earth and r = distance of satellite from center of the earth. Find escape velocity. Now I have read the solution to this problem and in it the author at one point has...
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    Is friction independent from area of contact?

    Now, my textbook says that force of friction is independant from the area of contact. But, when the tyres of my bicycle get deflated i have to exert extra force than otherwise. Why?
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    Race between Bon Jovi and Kurt Kobain

    Bon Jovi challenges Kurt Kobain to a five mile car race. Kurt Kobain commences the race at a constant speed of 22 miles per hour. Bon Jovi waits precisely three seconds after Kobain has traversed 3/5 mile and starts his car, covering every xth mile at the rate of 5/2*3^x miles per hour. Who is...
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    Help these poor little frogs!

    A small stream has seven equidistant stones in line from one bank to the other. Three black and three white frogs on either side are sitting on the three nearest stones to their respective banks like so: B B B _ W W W with one stone unoccupied in the middle. Can you help both group of frogs to...
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    Mr Explorers treasure hunt

    Mr Explorer has found a clue that will lead him to a treasure. But the clue is coded and he can’t decode it. He has offered a 50 percent share to the one who breaks the code first. The clue is a grammatically complete simple English sentence written in capitals using only four vowels. Each...
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    Advantage of both.

    You and your friend put your wallets on the table. The money is to be counted and whoever has more has to give it to the other. You reason that if you lose you’ll lose the money that you have in your wallet, but if you win then you know you’ll win more than that amount. Meaning, what you stand...
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    Types of DE

    Hi all. I need some help here. I want to know, how can one differentiate or identify a type of a differential equation (like exact, variable separable form, reducible to variable separable form, homogenous, non-homogenous form). Please don’t suggest more practice. Are there any tricks to aid the...
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    Shape of ripple on water

    Why are ripples on water only circular in shape? Why arent they of the shape of the object dropped in them? Like triangular or square?
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    How does gravity repel?

    I have read many ppl writing that "gravity repels". Howz that possible?
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    Moment of force

    This question may sound silly to all of you brainy guys out there but I am one silly guy. While calculating the moment of a force how do you choose which component (horizontal or vertical) to choose? I know that M=F*d. Its confusing when authors sometimes use the veritical and sometimes the...
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    Having trouble with engineering mecheanics

    I am a freshman in mechanical engineering and am having lots of trouble in getting to understand the basic concepts of Engineering Mechanics. Could anyone suggest some good websites which start from the basic? Also i would like to know how important this subject is.
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    Concerning psi and black holes

    According to quantum theory the total probability of finding the particle somewhere in space is always zero. So if a particle vanishes in a black hole will that mean (psi)^2 = 0, which is illegal?
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    Concerning matter waves

    Why do matter waves (as in wave-particle duality) travel faster than light? How is it possible?