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    Future development of MBE or nanotechnology

    It would be alot easier to answer your question if you could be alittle more discriptive. Do you just what our opinion on how it will develop?
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    Type 1,2, & 3 Civilizations

    That would be speculation at best, for us to debate that would be pointless. If you ever incounter a Type 3 being, ask him if they have. Not all Type 3 civilizations would technically have to be on the same exact level of technology as another Type 3 civilization. If they have master Planck...
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    Towards a Type 1 Civilisation. How do you want your future?

    Resistance force is the main cause of the initiated forces, if you deal with it that way then you will only breed more aggressors, you cannot force fear on a group of hostiles and not expect for them to retaliate in larger numbers of increased complex views on why they should be forceful.