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    7-11 store and chose three items

    Matt, that made me laugh so hard. Must live in Alberta, Canada, no sales tax there.
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    Why I don't believe. Why do you?

    I got quite a laugh out of dcbobo's vague discription of a pseudo-important "thing". We do not care for "beating-around-the-bush", either get to the point, or privately torment yourself. Thanks
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    What is the purpose of Life ?

    But if you decide to bond with a lizard and marry it for life, dont blame Enos.
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    3-d A thought from 9th grade

    Actually no aychamo, besides the normal 3 spacial dimensions, the other dimensions do not interact of the same level. 4d is time, there is a 4th spacial dimension, but that isnt envolved. Since the other d's dont nessesarially involve "space" or distance, or spacial dimension, it is not correct...
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    Sometimes i feel alien

    The key is to take that out of place feeling and explore its meaning, for lack of a better word, and to craft a way of thought around those experiences.