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    New XGL Demo

    Doesn't XGL currently run on top of X? Ya compiz and xgl are good stuff. But currently does not support many video outputs, and dual screen. But fun to test out.
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    DVD's in Linux

    Not illegal if you dont live in the U.S. :tongue2:
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    DVD's in Linux

    ya, amarok is my fav music player, and the xine engine is alot better quality than gstream and arts. I dont want qt libs on gnome, so now i use rhythmbox :grumpy: . have you tried vlc?, best in my opinion.
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    DVD's in Linux

    oh really? , never knew that, good too know.:smile:
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    DVD's in Linux

    um, try kaffine.
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    Ip Tracing

    im famous to, :). None of the websites that track ip can tell you exactly were people are, most are off a city or two, or not close at all if they use proxys as dduardo said.
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    Permanently block certain processes anti virus

    norton is not even a antivirus i think, it does not detect alot of viruses, and takes most of the ram of you computer. I would do as said above, reinstall windows from a new cd, because sometimes store bought computers have alot of advertisement on them, and if you try to remove it windows...
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    New folder

    LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! They even have 10 bids............ OMG I think im going to place a bid, just to be stupid....jk Thats pretty crazy though, I never knew they make you buy new folders, what kind of crazy idea is that. I would say just install a new progam and it will say you want to...
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    New computer time!

    From what ive seen in computer prices and quality, id say buy computer from ebay. I bought mine, 9200 Radeon, 1 gig ram, etc. for like $500, good price for that stuff it brings. Just my suggestion, if you afraid to buy stuff through net, what can I say. :wink:
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    Antivirus problem

    Try disabeling the Auto Update feature, and then restart your computer and try. Just an idea. :smile:
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    Video Game Awards

    best new game you mean, because none of those are definitely not the best games of all time. But from that list id have to say Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. :smile:
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    SONY PS3 ? PS2 better or Computer Game better?

    of course. PS2 all the way. :rofl:
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    CPU usage 100%

    or server.exe, thats usually what most trojans run under.
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    SONY PS3 ? PS2 better or Computer Game better?

    either way one can prob get an exact replica of any of the console controlers for ones computer, plus theres some emulators out there that let one play games from ones console, so a computer is a console + more. :smile:
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    256 colors, 600x480

    syano that only works on XP, but BoulderHead way works on all i think.