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    Breaking laws

    Back in one of my astro classes my professor tried to explain that what's happening is that the objects aren't 'moving' away faster than the speed of light, but instead, the distance between the objects is getting longer! kind of like drawing two dots on a balloon and filling it up, they aren't...
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    Moon's Gravitational Pull?

    it would be foolish to say 'No.' sure, the effect of the tidal force of the moon on your circulatory system is immeasurably small, but to say it has no effect is denying that two numbers no matter how similar, are different...
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    THE forth Dimension

    excellently correct.
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    Will light be trapped in a room full of mirrors?

    wouldn't radiation pressure make impossible to "trap" light? since every reflection off the mirror would need the mirror to experience twice the force of the intensity of the light wave. which, although small, would cause movement to the mirror. kind of like a solar sail.