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    Internship Question - Heat Transfer!

    Finding heat transfer coefficients is very difficult, usually such data is gathered experimentally and then estimates can be made based on that.
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    Dynamics Problem (Find Angular Velocity)

    Although if anyone does know how they would solve it via something like my original route, it would still be useful.
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    Dynamics Problem (Find Angular Velocity)

    obafgkmrns, thanks. I've solved the question using your recommended approach , and I've attached the working just for closure.
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    Dynamics Problem (Find Angular Velocity)

    Hope you can offer me some help with this question - I feel close to getting it myself but have spent ages looking at it now. Question and working so far is attached. I think what I need to do to enable me to perform the integral is to get theta as a function of time, or instead somehow...
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    Relationship betwen pressure and flow in experiment shown

    If I set up an experiment as shwon in the schematic attached, where the effective length of the tubing is 25m (this then goes to a short length of smaller area tubing), and the pressure applied is contant, what kind of relationship should I expect between pressure drop and flow rate? I...