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    Deep Space Exploration?

    Hey chroot, I am wondering because we are members of PF and if we want to buy these in bulk, is there any technical support provided we get a discount?
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    Strange Spots on Mars:

    Seems pretty interesting... do you have any ideas?
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    How would you rate your area as a star gazing spot?

    I live in Oregon as well and have to say that during the summer we have the premo spot you can get out to the middle of nowhere and just look for days!! It is great!
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    Oldest Know World Discovered

    I have been reading some pretty interesting articles on this new discovery of the oldest planet. I was wondering if y'all had anything to say about it. I am just kind of curious of what is being said (if anything).
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    Flat Star

    First off I will step out and say that Astromomy and Cosmology is not my bag! I am a Computer techie through and through but the other day I was on and saw the coolest thing and was wondering where I can read more on it or if anyone here knew more about it They were talking about a...