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    Calculating reciprocal base vectors

    Thanks. I actually got through and understood everything in Simmonds without knowing that. It was just a problem I came across when going back and doing the exercises. I guess it wasn't explicitly stated, but it was supposed to be inferred at some point. I failed to realize that I actually had...
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    Parameterize a geodesic using one of the coordinates

    I'm not sure if you can simply introduce a new equation when its not given. Have you tried to find an expression which yields the r equation after substitution? Such as an integrating factor so you could put it into sturm-liouville form? I don't have a pencil and paper right now but it just...
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    Calculating reciprocal base vectors

    I have just started diving into tensor analysis. To be honest, I didn't know whether to post this question in the vector analysis forum or this one. I have looked at a few books on the subject and scoured the internet, but I can't seem to find anything that answers this question. Or, maybe I...