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    Do stars actually exist beyond our solar system?

    incorrect. every time you look at a planet in our solar system or the moon you are seeing light from the sun that has reflected off that body. hence, a less direct route was taken.
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    1/0 = infinity

    it's more proper, and correct, to say 1/r approaches infinity as r approaches zero.
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    What is the size of a black hole?

    this is the size of the Schwarzschild radius, not the size of the black hole. by your definition, the black hole is a rather large object. when in reality, a black hole operates more like a point particle, ie a singularity.
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    How to design a weird but comfortable planet

    i'm relatively certain it doesn't work that way, at least not for mild variations. actually, humans, especially in the ages under 30, prefer a 25 hour day. (i knew psych 105 would come in handy one day!)
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    Life on moon rather than planet

    interesting. I wasn't aware of that.
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    Life on moon rather than planet

    and not just any planets, they have to be relatively large compared to their star. basically, we're only seeing the "jupiters" of other stars.