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  1. Larry Gopnik

    LaTeX Placing greyscale .jpg images into a matrix

    Hi, I hope someone can help me! I could not find a solution online of which could help me. My problem: I have imagecubes - they are a "cube" of 10 images of the same place of a photo, one at 400nm, one at 450nm etc etc. I need to upload these into matlab so I can then analyse the intensities...
  2. Larry Gopnik

    MATLAB Updating variables as they go through a loop

    Hi all, This might be a simple question but I cannot seem to find any solution online I'm currently building a MatLab code for my project which involves in the ageing of certain artefacts and paintings, I've got most of it built but can't solve the simplest of problems of the start of the...
  3. Larry Gopnik

    Admissions From British Undergrad to PhD abroad

    Hello all, I presume that this is the best place to ask. I'm currently doing my undergraduate degree in Physics. I'm in the UK and taking an MPhys(Hons) which is a four year course of an integrated Bachelors and Masters instead of the conventional Bsc of 3 years (I understand that they are 4...
  4. Larry Gopnik

    Pascual Jordan - The Forgotten QFT Physicist?

    Hallo! I know, I know - everywhere it says "NO HOMEWORK", but I am not entirely sure if writing a Historical Paper on Quantum Field Theory is classified as homework so will attempt to post it here - if it is classed, then I'm very sorry (please move this thread to the correct place). So yes...