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    My father, the complaning wuss

    meh, never bonded with him. All he cares about is baseball and I only care about science.
  2. K

    My father, the complaning wuss

    Then I guess my father is going through some phase.
  3. K

    Why do people think physics is so hard?

    It's ok, I don't the optics topic, too.
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    My father, the complaning wuss

    I have a 67 year old father who complains about me not trying to find work. I've been looking for work for a year now. I have my A.A. degree. He thinks I'm not trying. but I did the best I can. I talk to managers from different stores and hand in my resumes to all the stores I applied at...
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    The Atlas Experiment

    Ok folks, I have a bunch of friends who believe the high particle collieder will cause a black hole or that the atlas experiment team try to make a big bang or so called small universe. I love to hear everyones opinions and thoughts about this rumor or stupid crackpot theorys on how the world...