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    Physics Podcast

    Hey, I'm not sure if anyone on this site listens to my podcast on physics, but I just finished the second show, and am looking for ideas for the third show. If you have any suggetstions either leave them here or email the show at [email protected] You can get the feed from above.
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    Your ideal bumper sticker

    I have one that says "Smart as a Horse and Hung like Einstein"
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    Physics Podcast

    Yea, but the podcast is in mp3, and can play on any mp3 player, or can be played right on the computer, don't have to put it on a player. I just got an ipod, and never had any player before that so I know what it is like, that is why I made it playable anywhere you can play an mp3. I hope no...
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    Physics Podcast

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to inform those of you who might be interested in my new podcast I have started. It is called Singularity Podcast and is done around physics. The rss feed is here [Broken]. I hope some of you give it a chance...